Startups and small businesses face marketing and sales as the biggest bottleneck which holds their business growth. Launchpad is a unique product of Antstack which provides complete offline, online marketing & sales support to startups and growing businesses. Launchpad is a step by step marketing support for your business at every step of your buyer’s journey. Coupled with offline support, the 360° customer acquisition and retention system does wonders for your business.

What LaunchPad does for your business?

Launchpad fills the marketing & sales void in organizations which are not tech savvy or lack business information systems to optimize on their sales, leads marketing opportunities. Launchpad takes care of your end to end marketing, sales, and support needs. We ensure your 360° presence and seamless communication between you and your customers.

Today’s businesses are customer-centric, it is important for you to ensure you have a positive digital footprint and are accessible to your customers across all digital platforms. Launchpad does just the thing for you, it takes care of all your marketing needs while you focus on your core business activity.

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Customer Engagement & Acquisition

Offline Engagement



Marketing Material

Customer Education




Quora & FAQ’S

Customer Acquisition

Google Adwords

Facebook Ads

Likes, Shares & More

Why Launchpad?

Perfect Launch For Your Business

“Antstack” helps you buid your business by carefully planning sexcuting the ideal marketing strategy for your business.