Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine is where most of the customers look for you for the first time, look directions for your business or look for images of your products to learn more about them. Search engine presence and ranking has a huge impact on your business. It not only lands you more clients but also impacts your revenue and authority as a quality service provider among the customers.

We offer complete on page, off page and link building SEO services with a well planned keyword research and a step by step goal oriented search engine reputation building plan. We are the best SEO company in Ghaziabad when it comes to accountability, with clearly defined goals, well defined objectives and weekly progress reports on our efforts and their results.

SEO Services
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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing in Ghaziabad | Social Media Marketing in Delhi | Social Media Marketing in Noida

Social media has gradually transformed from a platform to connect with friends and family into giant marketing engine which not only lands you clients but also educates masses about your business. Presence over social media platforms ensures better client engagement, better online reputation and better client servicing with direct one to one interactions with your customers.

Social media can provide marketing platform, social credibility, customer engagement and brand education platform for your company. We provide you complete organic marketing, paid advertising and online reputation services for all your social media platforms. We use social contests, giveaways, infographics, promotional videos etc. to ensure a greater outreach.

SMM Services

Google Adwords

Pay per click and pay per view advertising has dominated the digital platforms. It is not only the main source of revenue for Google, Facebook and other popular platforms, it is also a major source of leads and opportunities for businesses around the world. Specific targeting, quick results and flexibility of budget allows small businesses and startups to venture with Google Adwords services. Google ads allow you to target people in your city, or in smaller regions ensuring zero or little loss on your campaigns.

We offer a flat rate commission based Google Adwords services, with true analytics, monitoring and campaign optimisation for better ROI along with an improved CPI or CPM. The lesser you pay for every click or view, the more people you reach with the same budget.

Paid Campaigns
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Graphic Designing

Social Media Designs in Ghaziabad | Social Media Designs in Noida | Social Media Designs in Delhi

Antstack provides quality graphic designing services. We provide a wide variety of graphic designing services to our clients including Logo Design, Social Media creatives, web creatives, corporate brochures, startup pitch, corporate presentations etc. Visual aesthetics play a vital role in adding to your brand value, we ensure your creatives are outstanding ensuring a powerful brand image. Graphics and images are the core of your brand image, your logo defines your brand. A powerful brand image helps you on multiple avenues of business with better perception among clients, job seekers and industry.

We are a process oriented graphic design company with a well defined process for delivery of every graphic design project. Be it Logo design or a brochure design, we have  a clearly defined step by step process with clear milestones to ensure better delivery and customer satisfaction.

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Startup Videos

Startups need to convey their idea, future plans, potential, team, work culture, work philosophy among the masses to ensure they are able to convince stakeholders at all levels. From hiring a team to looking for an investor, startups are challenged at all levels to prove their worth. Startup videos are an easy way out, a well planned storyboard, a series of well curated infographics speak more than a million words.

Antstack provides startup video promotion services to its clients ensuring complete support at all levels. We help you plan the right series of ideas, provide you top notch infographics to convey those ideas and then bring them all together into a power packed startup pitch video.

Startup Videos
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Personnel Management

Personnel Management | Celebrity Social Media Management | Key Personnel Account Management

Antstack provides key account management services for brands, celebrities, key personnel of businesses, leaders, fashion designers, athletes etc. We handle your presence across all social media platforms, engage with a wide community and increase your following over social media to ensure a wider impact.

We design infographics, track hashtags, create crisp content, write reviews etc. on topics of great social impact or trending topics to ensure a wider community engagement.

Celebrity Management