Paid Campaigns

Paid advertisements over digital platforms are more effective than any other form of advertising. Be it radio, TV, newspaper or offline activity, you do not have control over the audience, neither you can measure the results of an individual campaign among multiple media efforts.

The paid campaigns on social media, search engine etc. have well quantifiable audience sizes, well-defined target groups, step by step monitoring of every user that responds to your adverts and a well-defined buyer’s journey for every individual targeted in the campaign. These quantified efforts make your life as an advertiser easier than ever before with easy monitoring, better ROI and zero resource drain.

Google Adwords

Google AdWords platform enables you to advertise on Google search network, Google Display network and millions of its affiliates. You might be advertising on one of the most authoritative domains of your industry ensuring a much better ROI on your ad spends.

Google Adwords services offered by us include campaign planning, budget planning, keyword optimization, competition analysis, ad copy optimization and periodic monitoring with reports. The campaigns are planned to ensure a better CTR, a lower CPC and a much-enhanced cost per conversion.

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Social Media Campaigns

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Social media platforms are one of the most powerful tools to connect with your clients. The best way to optimize your marketing budget is to connect with a great number of people who share an inclination towards your products on social media. Social media promotion is an easy exercise and takes very small but carefully taken steps to reach out to the right audience with the right content to ensure a better ROI.

We offer managed social media paid campaigns across Facebook adverts, Twitter Ads, Youtube Ads, Instagram advertising, etc.

Email Marketing Services

Emails are more accessed today than ever with the growing mobile devices and digital penetration. Emails are a platform for consistent communication with your existing clientele, target audience, and the prospect target markets.

Powerful content can lead to great results if marketed to the right audience at the right frequency. Email campaigns play a pivotal role in any marketing campaign. Email Marketing Services is a high return on investment marketing tool.

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