Social Media Services

Social media has gradually transformed from a platform to connect with friends and family into a giant marketing engine which not only lands you clients but also educates masses about your business. Presence over social media platforms ensures better client engagement, better online reputation and better client servicing with a direct one to one interactions with your customers.

Social media can provide a marketing platform, social credibility, customer engagement, and brand education platform for your company. We provide you complete organic marketing, paid advertising and online reputation services for all your social media platforms. We use social contests, giveaways, infographics, promotional videos etc. to ensure greater outreach.

Organic Promotion

Antstack is a social media management company in Ghaziabad which provides planned and structured organic outreach to get your brand enhanced exposure to your target audience. We use various social engagement tactics to get your brand the real juice of social media efforts. Likes, shares, retweets, whatever is your metric for success, we will ensure great results using popular engagement tactics.

The core of our efforts is targeted marketing on the chosen demographic, great content, infographics, videos etc. to ensure a great response from masses. Above all, we monitor our social media services and put them on a quantifiable report which can be compared over the previous periods to ensure consistency in our efforts.

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Online Reputation Management

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Social Engagement is the core of online reputation management. If you are there to help out your customer at the very first inconvenience, they will end up in giving a great positive review even after the initial challenges they faced.

Every system has issues and its own flaws and most customers around the world are ready to accept you with your flaws. However, you need to make sure that they know the issue, they know you are working hard to resolve it and they get an amazing experience even after a tough start. Online reputation management is a progressive effort which grows with your brand, the bigger your brand is, the more you need it.